NorthWest Knife Collector's


The NorthWest Knife Collector's (NWKC) provides an organization that unites persons with like interests in the field of knives to gather together for the purpose of exchanging ideas and fellowship.

NWKC promotes knife collecting in both the antique and modern field, as well as

collecting of related materials.

NWKC encourages both hobbyist and professional knife makers in furthering their craft.

NWKC promotes education and public awareness in the use, handling and safety of edged tools.

NWKC supports public understanding and education regarding knives and edged tools through collection, exhibition, coordination of trade shows, and by conducting regukar meetings.

HISTORY of the NorthWest Knife Collector's

The Northwest Knife Collector's first meeting was held January 13, 1979. That first meeting was held at the Doric-Tacoma Motor Hotel in conjunction with the club's first knife show.

The NWKC continued until March 26th, 1988, mostly due to the efforts of Mel Brewster of Remington fame. During that period, many shows were held and the NWKC participated in other shows as a group.

The club was dormant for 12 years from 1988 until 1999 when it began anew. Since that time we have had about 19-20 shows and have established a very active monthly meeting schedule.