NorthWest Knife Collector's

We have arranged it so that there are purveyors of knife making materials and tools and supplies for our custom knife makers. Each year we have had important custom makers running a forging exhibition and demonstration, outside of course, during the show. In most instances, those blades forged at the show have been donated to one of our two raffles. More about those later. Here's a chance to see and learn about forging knives.

This year we plan to have demonstrations as well as presentations. We will have a list in March/April time frame. Suggestions on topics will be greatly appreciated.

We also have two raffles. One is a General Raffle where we have knives, knife materials, books and any and all kinds of knives and knife related articles.

The other raffle is the Custom Knife Raffle. Here we have beautiful custom made knives made and donated by our members. These knives can have very high value.

[ If you can't print the application, please contact us and we will send you a hard copy--at or 1-425-827-1644]

The purpose of our Show is to present a meeting place for all those persons interested in knives. basically, most all area and facets of knife areas are represented. We have general collectors, antique collectors, custom collectors, commercial collectors and those who just like to look at knives. It presents a time and place where one can buy knives, sell knives, show knives and most important, talk knives.